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Paric + 25 Songs →
       ↳[7/25"Deathbeds" // Bring Me The Horizon

don’t try to fight the storm
you’ll tumble overboard
tides will bring me back to you

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Old habits and all that.

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I want Tara to have a relationship that doesn’t go sour. She needs some love and stability in her life. I mean, she adores Pam but I don’t think that’s really going to work out because Pam’s in love with Eric.


Rutina Wesley at Dragon*Con

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and pam? those were great pumps.

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LoL their expressions look almost like kids’ :)

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I love how there’s this moment right after Eric calls Pam a whore, where Pam decides ‘not anymore. fuck this’. You can see it in her eyes. She makes the conscious decision to end her life. She is taking matters into her own hands. Eric showed her that the life she has craved for is a very real possibility but he doesn’t want to make the commitment. After he denies her the ability to be a vampire, Pam faces the fact that her human life will only end in one place - the gutter. It is obvious that she has worried about this for some time. Her death will be painful and slow and ugly. She will live out the rest of her time in sorrow and loneliness. Boring, mundane, human life is a nightmare to her. So, in this instant, she decides to nip it in the bud before it can get any worse. Eric has given her a glimpse of eternal youth by revealing to her what he is. If he won’t turn her then she would rather die than live another day of her withering human existence. If he does turn her, then he will have gifted her with more than she can ever repay and she will walk the world by his side from now to their true deaths. Pam is not forcing him to chose her as his progeny. She is merely choosing death - no matter which outcome. Either she dies and stays that way or she dies and is reborn. She made a choice and he made a choice.

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“You are my only progeny - my one legacy.”

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Black Moustache